Safe railways for Australia

SMS Modules

In response to feedback from industry, ONRSR has worked with stakeholders to develop a number of Safety Management System (SMS) modules to assist smaller less-complex operators (including tourist and heritage) when developing or reviewing their SMS.

These modules have been developed as a mechanism to assist operators in customising and combining modules to develop a safety management system that is specific and appropriate to the scope and nature of their operations and their accreditation.

In the first instance, template modules have been developed, with a single module for each of the twenty-nine (29) SMS elements.

Accessing the modules

An interactive SMS Module Diagram showing all the modules is provided here with links to each module.

Alternatively, access to each module is also available on the ONRSR website via the 'Fact Sheets, Guidelines and Policies' tab under 'Publications' in the menu - click here

Guidance on how to use the modules is available in the Introduction to the SMS Modules document.

The format of the modules is based on the principles of What and Why, How, Who and When.

Depending on the element, modules may contain:

  • Thought provokers/ questions for consideration;
  • Details of mandatory requirements;
  • Scalable options to identify appropriate responses;
  • Example suggested documents for inclusion in an SMS, or information about what documents should include.

Example templates

There are a number of ‘example’ templates and tools included in the suite of documents that are able to be customised or edited by individual operators should they wish to use them.  These are examples only and use of them is up to each operator organisation to determine.

The documents can be accessed here: