Safe railways for Australia

QLD Safety Alerts

  • Cyclone and storm season - questions and actions for rail transport operators
    18 November 2013

    This Safety Alert states that the Bureau of Metrology has reported that Queensland may experience above average tropical cyclone activity this coming season, with up to six cyclones developing in the Coral Sea. It is also likely to be wetter than normal in most parts. All railways in Queensland need to be prepared for the sudden impact of destructive winds, heavy rainfall with flooding and damaging storm surges.
  • Effective operation and management of hi-rail equipment
    29 October 2013

    This Safety Alert states that there has been an increase in serious incidents relating to hi-rail operations in Australia over the past 12 months. Since January 2011, there have been 19 reportable high-rail vehicle related incidents in Queensland.
  • Track Blocking and Points Locking – Signalling Systems
    12 October 2013

    This Safety Alert states that a signalling system is designed to provide for the safe operation of rail traffic. The system however may not safeguard completely the additional activities that occur on the railway such as occupation by track workers and track work, movement of on-track vehicles, non-signalled moves by trains and protection of obstructions.
  • Passenger Rolling stock - Open Windows
    25 August 2013

    This Safety Alert states that a child fell recently from an open window of an accredited operator’s passenger train suffering minor injuries and was admitted to hospital. A preliminary investigation revealed that the child was standing on a seat at an open window and may have overbalanced with the movement of the train.
  • Roller bearing failures
    20 July 2013

    This Safety Alert states that following a recent increase in the number of derailments due to roller bearing failures, Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has issued this Safety Alert.
  • Locomotive boiler operation, inspection, maintenance and repair
    29 June 2013

    This Safety Alert states that the operation of a locomotive boiler is considered by the Rail Regulation Unit to be high risk work. Therefore, it is essential that these risks are appropriately mitigated so far as reasonably practicable. To comply with its rail safety duties, the RTO must ensure the operator of a locomotive boiler is competent in its operation.
  • Isolation of train protection systems
    18 May 2013

    This Safety Alert states that all rail safety workers, including train drivers and those responsible for maintenance of rolling stock have a duty to comply with the SMS. Recently, there have been incidents where locomotives have been operated with train protection systems isolated in contravention of the railway’s SMS. In one case, confusion about respective responsibilities compounded the situation.
  • Rail Corridors on Mine Sites
    10 May 2013

    This Safety Alert states that rail transport operators should seek independent legal advice regarding the suite of legislation applicable to the particular circumstances relating to their railway operations.
  • Securing of seating and equipment in passenger carriages
    31 March 2013

    This Safety Alert states that a Safety Alert has been published in relation to the potential dangers from unsecured equipment including seating in passenger rollingstock, for the information of accredited railways and rail safety regulators.