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New registration

A Rail Infrastructure Manager (RIM) of a private siding that is, or is to be, connected to another railway or private siding must be registered for each siding the RIM is to manage.

To apply for registration as a RIM of a private siding you must submit an Application for Registration Form. This form is to be submitted to ONRSR with attached supporting documentation where required.

Note that an RTO that holds accreditation as a RIM cannot also be a Registered RIM. Any private siding rail infrastructure will be included as part of the railway for which accreditation is held.

When assessing an application for registration under Section 86 of the RSNL, ONRSR needs to be satisfied that:

  • The applicant is the manager of the private siding; and
  • The railway operations to be carried out (or continue to be carried out) in the private siding are such that registration of the applicant (rather than accreditation) is, in the opinion of ONRSR, the appropriate action.
Last updated: 11 May 2020