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ONRSR Portal

The ONRSR Portal is a secure digital channel that will facilitate the easy and reliable online exchange of all accreditation, regulatory activity and regulatory reporting data between ONRSR and all regulated parties.

The portal complements ONRSR’s face-to-face interactions with rail transport operators. Its development represents a step change in the way our organisations will exchange and access information when working together to ensure both the industry and the Australian public are afforded all the benefits of Rail Safety National Law.

What can the ONRSR Portal be used for?

The ONRSR Portal can be used by accredited rail transport operators to:

  • Submit notifiable occurrence reports
  • Submit monthly returns
  • Submit notifications of change
  • Amend some organisational contact details
  • Add new users or modify user details (rail transport operators can manage their own ONRSR Portal user groups for their organisations).

The legality of using the ONRSR Portal

The ONRSR Portal is the preferred means for submitting information for the above reporting requirements. The submission of information via the ONRSR Portal satisfies the submission of information in the manner and form (in reference to the Rail Safety National Law National Regulations 2012) that:

  • is required by the Regulator for the reporting of a notifiable occurrence under Regulation 57(4);
  • is approved by the Regulator under s120(3) of the Rail Safety National Law for the submission of monthly returns (as required under Regulation 56); and
  • is accepted as notification in writing in respect to Regulation 9(1) for the submission of a notification of change.

Introduction of the ONRSR Portal has not changed the type of information that needs to be reported or provided to ONRSR under the Rail Safety National Law and Regulations.

How do I access the ONRSR Portal?

The ONRSR Portal requires a unique user ID and password for each user.

The Key Contact person (as nominated to ONRSR as required by Regulation 8(b) of the Rail Safety National Law National Regulations 2012) for each accredited rail transport operator has been established as a user of the ONRSR Portal. Once an organisation’s ONRSR Portal access is activated, the Key Contact will be sent an email from the ONRSR Portal confirming their user ID (email address) and providing an initial password.

The Key Contact can initiate the creation of additional users as required by their organisation.

The ONRSR Portal is accessed via the ONRSR Portal link on the ONRSR homepage.

How can I get help with the ONRSR Portal?

Every Effort has been made to design the ONRSR Portal to be intuitive and easy to use, including having a range of online help and guidance to assist with its use. However, if you have difficulties in using the ONRSR Portal assistance is available.

ONRSR staff with specific knowledge on the use of the ONRSR Portal will be available by:

  • phoning 1300 459 941; or
  • sending an email message via the ONRSR Portal “Contact Us” function

ONRSR will have staff available to directly answer telephone enquiries during the following hours, outside of which a message can be left and will be responded to at the earliest opportunity:

  • 10:00 am to 3:00 pm (South Australia & Northern Territory)
  • 10:30 am to 3:30 pm (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania)
  • 8:30 am to 1:30 pm (Western Australia)

How do I know my information has been submitted?

The ONRSR Portal enables partial completion of information to be saved. Saving information is not considered to be submission of this information. Information will be taken to have been submitted to ONRSR once the user has clicked submit (or update) and the ONRSR Portal has indicated that the submission was successful (i.e. the ONRSR Portal has not prompted for any missing or incorrect information).

What if the ONRSR Portal is not accessible?

Current forms that are used for the submission of notifiable occurrences, monthly returns and notifications of change remain available and can be used should the ONRSR Portal not be accessible.

Future Development

The release of the ONRSR Portal for the above actions marks the start of an ongoing development program to incrementally introduce additional functionality to the ONRSR Portal. Apart from face to face contact as part of our regulatory activities, we envisage that the majority of information exchange interactions you currently have with ONRSR will transition to the portal environment.

Providing feedback

Organisations are encouraged to provide open and honest feedback on the use of the ONRSR Portal as this will be valuable to ONRSR for ongoing development. ONRSR may also occasionally contact operators to seek feedback on the portal's usability and functionality.

Feedback can be provided by email to

ONRSR Portal Pilot Project – Thank you

ONRSR would like to thank the organisations that participated in the ONRSR Portal pilot project and are now established as ONRSR Portal users. Your participation and feedback was a critically important step in the success of the pilot leading to the full implementation of the ONRSR Portal.