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Safety Improvement Project Update

ONRSR’s Safety Improvement Program for 2019 is well underway with track worker safety and tourist and heritage safety management the initial focus areas.

In an innovative approach, ONRSR is conducting interactive theatre-based workshops focusing on providing track workers and their supervisors with a new take on critical safety messages.

The sessions are facilitated by ACT Consulting and involve professional actors playing out a number of scenes relating to a road rail vehicle accident that results in a track worker being seriously injured. ONRSR then assists with group activities as participants reflect on the scenarios they’ve observed.

Specifically, the workshops focus on:

  • Individual behaviour and culture
  • Organisational culture
  • Personal responsibility
  • Interventions / safety conversations

Initial interest has been extremely encouraging with more than 250 people already registered to attend the workshops which are being held in 8 locations around Australia.

In the meantime, a strong interest is also being displayed in a series of workshops ONRSR is holding for the tourist and heritage (T&H) sector.

The first such session was recently held in Brisbane where those responsible for governance and leadership within T&H operations heard from National Rail Safety Regulator, Sue McCarrey and participated in invaluable discussions which saw both ONRSR and industry representatives gain from the experience and strengthen the relationship between all parties.

A workshop was held the following day where rail safety workers within T&H operations could maximise their focus on key issues such as risk management and effective governance in what are largely volunteer organisations.

More than 50 people attended the Queensland workshop and further workshops will be held around the country.

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