Safe railways for Australia

Operations Forum - Melbourne Office

The Operations Forum aims to give ONRSR's Melbourne Office and representatives of the rail industry the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss Victorian operational rail safety and regulation issues.

Date: 31 May 2017
Time: 10am - 12pm 
Location: Level 27, 121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

As this is the first forum to have taken place in Victoria, this morning session will focus on the structure and development of future workshops. ONRSR has a range of industry guests presenting, and will also present information about national regulation activities, which includes time for questions from attendees.

The forum is intended to allow attendees to:

  • discuss what you as Operators want future sessions to focus on;
  • what outcomes or achievements do we all want by holding these events annually;
  • be kept informed of ONRSR-related issues and areas of focus.

It is intended that this forum is held at least once a year.

Feedback and suggestions for future forum discussion topics are welcome and can be provided by contacting the Melbourne Office of ONRSR via or (03) 9655 6207.