Safe railways for Australia

ONRSR Supporting Rail Safety Week 2019

12 Aug 2019

The Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) is proudly supporting the 14th annual Rail Safety Week from the 12th to the 18th of August.

An initiative of the TrackSafe Foundation, Rail Safety Week will see a focus on public safety on and around the Australian rail network through operational activities, social and traditional media events.

ONRSR Chief Executive and Australia’s National Rail Safety Regulator, Sue McCarrey, said that while Australia enjoys a good record when it comes to rail safety, complacency is the most serious threat to the enviable position we enjoy.

“The data we see every day suggests that ours is an inherently safe rail system but we still see many incidents in Australia each year that occur in all parts of the country and result in serious injuries or worse,” Ms McCarrey said.

“As a national regulator we devote significant time and resources to audits, inspections and other safety interactions with operators and so having a week set aside for a public campaign is invaluable in complementing that work and keeping best practice in safety front of mind for everyone.”

Rail Safety Week will run to theme of ‘Rail Safety – it’s everyone’s responsibility’ a vitally important message given the popularity of passenger rail in Australia, our nation’s reliance on its vast freight networks and the record number of major projects now underway across both sectors of the industry.

“Rail Safety Week is an invaluable opportunity for the rail industry and the general public alike to recommit to a culture of safety and remind themselves how to stay safe on and around the rail system,’ Ms McCarrey said.

ONRSR has responsibility for regulatory oversight of rail safety in every Australian state and territory with the primary objectives to encourage and enforce safe railway operations and to promote and improve national rail safety.