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ONRSR Portal – on track for full release

10 Aug 2018

The delivery of the ONRSR Portal during 2018 has been an important step in improving the exchange of information between ONRSR and rail transport operators. The portal is ONRSR’s secure online information exchange system.

The ONRSR Portal has been operating in pilot mode since April 2018. This has seen up to 40 operators having the ability to:

  • report individual notifiable occurrences
  • submit monthly returns
  • manage operator user access to the ONRSR Portal.

Development of the ONRSR Portal has been continuing since the pilot started, taking into consideration user feedback to target improvements and to deliver new functionality that will enable:

  • bulk (or batch) reporting of notifiable occurrences
  • submission of notifications of change, including a simplified method of advising of changes to organisational and nominated Key Contact person details.

The ONRSR Portal introduces a level of validation of information at the time it is submitted – enhancing the accuracy of data being submitted. It has also enabled an improvement in how ONRSR undertakes follow-up queries and alerts operators to deadlines through the task and messaging functionality. This means all follow-up queries and responses are handled on-line through the ONRSR Portal (i.e. no more e-mail chains or missed phone calls). This is actively being used for notifiable occurrence and monthly return reporting and will be expanded over time to other functional areas.

The updated ONRSR Portal is currently in its final development and test phase. Subject to successful testing the implementation targets for the updated version of the ONRSR Portal are:

  • release to existing pilot users by early September 2018
  • release to all accredited rail transport operators by the end of October 2018.

Operators that are not part of the pilot will be contacted following the successful release of the updated ONRSR Portal and provided with login details.

Once all accredited operators have access to the ONRSR Portal it will be ONRSR’s preferred method for the reporting of notifiable occurrences and the submission of monthly returns and notifications of change. ONRSR will look to phase-out the paper-based forms over time.

ONRSR’s development of the portal does not stop here. It now becomes an important tool that enables opportunity for different reporting and exchange of information options to be explored and developed for the benefit of both operator and regulator. We will continue to develop its functionality with the aim of managing all routine regulatory information exchange interactions online. Some of the next areas being considered for development include moving all paper-based reporting and submissions to the ONRSR Portal and providing access to key documentation (e.g. Notices of Accreditation, recent audit or inspection reports).

ONRSR welcomes feedback on the ONRSR Portal and will be providing opportunities to operators to input into its ongoing development in the near future.

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