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Notifiable occurrences

The Rail Safety National Law requires notifiable occurrences to be reported. A notifiable occurrence means an accident or incident associated with railway operation that has, or could have, caused significant property damage, serious injury, death or that is, or is of a class that is, prescribed by the national regulations to be a notifiable occurrence or class of notifiable occurrence.

Notifiable occurrences are categorised as follows:

  • Category A, the most serious, which must be immediately orally reported by phoning the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) on 1800 011 034 and following up with a written report to ONRSR within 72 hours.
  • Category B, which must be reported to ONRSR within 72 hours.

All written reports must be provided to ONRSR using the prescribed form unless ONRSR has agreed in writing that a rail transport operator may provide submissions as a digital batch submission.

If reporting an incident using batch files, please contact

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Last updated: 8 June 2017