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ONRSR releases Reporting Requirements for Notifiable Occurrences

8 June 2017

The Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator has released the Reporting Requirements for Notifiable Occurrences

The actual occurrences to be reported have not changed; however, this document provides clarity to assist operators to report more accurately. 

The reporting requirements and updated notification form are available on the ONRSR website here

The Reporting Requirements for Notifiable Occurrences has been developed by working closely with industry, has incorporated feedback received during the consultation period and provides greater clarity and consistency on the categorisation of occurrences. The reporting requirements replace OC-G1 and ON-S1 for reporting of notifiable occurrences.

However, please note the current reporting arrangements for SPAD and Proceed Authority Exceeded will continue until 30 June 2018, with the new SPAD categorisation coming into effect on 1 July 2018.

ONRSR would like to thank the many people involved during the development of this document and those who provided feedback during the consultation phase.