Safe railways for Australia

New ONRSR fact sheet: General Safety Duties – ‘Upstream’ Duty Holders

5 September 2017

ONRSR is reminding all members of the Australian rail industry, whether they are accredited or not, of the existence of general safety duties and has released a new industry fact sheet.

Under Rail Safety National Law there are two types of general safety duties. Firstly, there are those imposed on accredited or registered rail transport operators and their rail safety workers. Secondly, there are those imposed on ‘upstream’ duty holders such as designers, manufacturers, and/or installers of equipment that might be used in railway operations – particularly on major projects. 

While 'upstream’ duty holders generally do not require accreditation, they still have general duties to ensure safety.

The new fact sheet provides further information in relation to these categories, ONRSR’s role in general safety duties and the penalties for failing to meet legal obligations.